About the Musicrazor App

The developer of the Musicrazor app is a longtime iPod enthusiast. He bought his first iPod in 2002 (and a Ti PowerBook G4 just to be able to use the iPod). He now currently owns 10 different models of iPods, and is always in constant danger of adding another iPod to his collection. He also owns various other "i" devices like iPhones and iPads.

Work on the Musicrazor app began in December 2009, with the bulk of the coding done over the 2009-2010 Christmas/New Years holiday. The Musicrazor app was submitted to the App Store in late August 2010, and was available for download on September 7, 2010.

[May 2011] The developer is back actively working on the Musicrazor app despite the possibility of everybody's music soon moving off into the "cloud" (perhaps out of the reach of apps like Musicrazor). He is diligently incorporating many of the suggestions from user feedback.